The community Rhino3Dportugal is a project integrated in the D-Academy, advanced training center of DigitaLab_ a creative laboratory for research oriented towards the advanced digital technologies (generative design; parametric and algorithm systems; digital fabrication; etc.) working with the academic community, companies and industry.

In a reality where the digital culture emerges and spreads all over our society, the concept of community gains a new dimension as a result of the Boom effect of digital social networks. As multidisciplinary digital creators we pretend to stimulate the culture of sharing knowledge and the interaction among rhiners (Rhino3D software users) using Rhino3Dportugal as the ideal platform.

The community is based on a dynamic and interactive platform where rhiners have the opportunity to share experiences and new concepts, promote their projects and have access to an extensive computer graphics database.

Rhino3Dportugal platform, created by DigitaLab, promotes the exchange among users, developers 3D content for the areas of architecture, design and CGart. It also organizes multidisciplinary courses, workshops, events and conferences based on Rhino3D software, its plug-ins and add-ons. Our courses are taught by expert trainers and aimed at a heterogeneous audience, companies and academic institutions.

Rhino is more. Join us!

Explore, experience and share!

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